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2017 MTS Group Sustainable Development Report

This is the 10th Sustainable Development Report prepared by MTS Group. In this document, we traditionally evaluate and present our progress in being more transparent and more responsible business as well as our contribution to society and the environment.

Message from the President

Dear friends!

The world is changing rapidly. Today, we live in a new digital reality. The fast spread of the Internet and the associated technologies open up new horizons for humanity, affecting our habits and behavior patterns, our preferences and aspirations. Along with the digital transformation of an individual, the transformation of business that serves or is operated by that "new" person is also gathering pace.

Accordingly, a business must respond to the specifics of "new" consumption. Many lasting paradigms have completely changed in recent years. A whole bank now fits into a smartphone; as do online trade and shops, transportation services, geolocation, cinema, training courses, public services, etc. Established industries such as agriculture and medicine are going digital.

New technologies and their use in everyday life contribute to a particularly innovative way of thinking, which in turn stimulates the development of society as a whole, promoting economic growth, and is the key to a sustainable future.

For us, as a company, that provides necessary infrastructure for these new and exciting technologies, active creation and development of our own digital solutions is a natural progression. We strive to use all our potential to make life of each subscriber ever more comfortable and the business of our corporate clients ever more effective.

MTS not only reacts to changes in the world around us. We also set trends of our own, pushing the boundaries with new businesses emerging from this digital reality. By exploring areas such as telemedicine, FinTech, cloud services, Internet of Things, and Big data, we contribute to the rapid migration of society to the digital world and to the emergence of smart and safe cities and communities.

MTS adheres to socially oriented priorities. We share the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, aimed at transforming the world. We integrate the principles of sustainable development into our business performance, corporate culture and decision-making system. That is why MTS is implementing a comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy focused on achieving these goals.

We build our relationships with clients, partners, suppliers, shareholders and employees on the principles of integrity and transparency. Our stakeholders trust us and share our socially responsible approach to doing business.

We will continue to work actively going forward to improve the quality of life of people and to drive positive changes in the development of our society and country.

Yours faithfully,
Alexey Kornya
President of MTS PJSC